About Us

Our team is committed to providing high quality, feature-filled, real-time web cast sessions for all viewers. Along with this broadcast, we are committed to reaching as many participants as possible. To do this, we meld the strength of the YSC website, Twitter and Facebook together to bring live scores, updates and insider tidbits to the world.

Our Reach

  • Website: The YSC Rugby website boasts over 30,000 visitors per month, growing at 9% per year.
  • Twitter: The YSC Twitter account is ranked #5 in the category of #Rugby on the WeFollow Most Influential site.
  • Facebook: Over 9,000 combined friends and fans.

Upcoming Events
Pumpkinfest Tournament – Aug 27-28, 2011 – Philadelphia, PA // CANCELED DUE to Hurricane Ike
2011 WPL, D1 and D2 Championships
2012 Las Vegas 7s Invitational Tournament 

Past Events
2011 Austin Valkyries Matches
July 2011: U20 Nations Cup – Santa Barbara, CA
June 2011: Collegiate All Stars – Pittsburgh, PA
April 2011: West Collegiate All Star Tournament – Kansas City, KS
April 2011: West Collegiate D1 & D2 Playoffs – Norman, OK
March 2011: Texas Rugby Union U23 Tournament – Austin, TX
January 2011: Las Vegas Invitational International Women’s Tournament – Las Vegas, NV
October 2010: USA Rugby D1 Women’s Club Round of 12 – Austin, TX
May 2010: West vs Pacific All Star – Glendale, CO
April 2010: West U23 All Star Tournament – Glendale, CO
January 2010: Atlantic Cup – Ft. Lauderdale, FL
2010 Austin Valkyries Matches
2009 Austin Valkyries Matches
November 2009: Women’s Premier League and Division 1 USA Rugby Championships – San Francisco, CA


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